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Use below Promo Codes for a limited-time offer: 

NEWYEAR2080 - NRS.300 OFF (Valid Until 17 April 2023 Only; on any domestic & international flights)

SASTOTICKETS - NRS. 500 OFF (Valid Until 22 May 2023 Only; on flights above Nrs. 20,000)

Promo codes help you save even more by offering discounts on your orders and can vary depending on the total amount and expiration date.

Here are a few ways that you can find a promo code.

  • View the top of your product list on the Travel Free Travels site.

  • Check your push notifications for new promo codes.

  • Open your emails/ mobile to look for new promo codes

*Please be advised we cannot guarantee the validity of Wish promo codes found on 3rd party coupon sites.

To use a promo code, you can apply it in the Travel free travels web portal/app under the Apply Promo option or enter it in your cart (ticket unit) or at checkout. Only one promo code can be used on an order and you cannot use the same code on multiple purchases. You can check out our Payments article to learn more about payments, pricing, and promotions. Once an order has been placed, you will not be able to apply a promo code. If you want to use the promo code, please cancel your order (see: How do I cancel my order?), and remember to apply the promo at checkout.

When a code is invalid, used, or expired, you will see an error message in red. If you're unable to use your discount code before it expires, we're unable to regrant, recreate, or replace the discount.

If you used a promotion code towards the purchase of an order that you canceled, your promo code will not be returned to you.

Why didn’t I get the full 50% discount?

Most of our promotions allow 'up to' 50% discount, therefore, the discount percentage can vary between 5% - 50%.